Banke Performance can supply grips from Scott, Pro Grip, Renthal, and Spider in many styles and colors.

Pro grips, road style shown at right $12.00 - Up
Spider Grips, multiple colors available, grey/black shown left $15.00 - up

Emgo, Renthal, Pro-Taper and Vortex available. Available in flat track, MX and street bends.

Renthal $85 - $155.00
Pro-Taper $99.00
Black carbon steel flat track bars in #10 and #24 bends $35.00
Vortex MX and flat track bends (semi-gloss black) $68.00
#10 Bars have a 33.5" width, 5.6" pullback, 5.3" rise
#24 bars have a 34" width, 5.6 pullback, 6" rise