Cables, Grips, Controls and Hydraulic Brake Lines/Fittings

Cables - Barnett, Motion Pro, and custom-made cables for nearly any application. Call with your requirements.
• Throttle cables
• Clutch cables
• Front brake cables
• Rear brake cables
• Choke cables

Hydraulic Brake Lines - Custom made to your specification of braided stainless with clear or black outer covering. Individual hose components (banjo bolts, fittings, hose) available.
- Pro-Grip and Spider available in a wide variety of colors and styles.
Controls - ASV (shown below), Motion Pro, Magura, Brembo, Grimeca levers and master cylinders. Motion Pro, Barnett, Magura and Whirlpull throttles and parts.
We stock everything from the minimal on-off rocker switches to the most complete street legal OEM replica type switch clusters.
Switch Gear - K&S and Domino switch clusters. Magura and various OEM type kill switches also available.