Rims, Spokes and Hubs

Wheel shown at left built by Banke Performance using polished Sun Rim, CCM Hub, Buchanan stainless spokes and fitted with Brembo/Banke rotor.
Complete wheel prices include Excel or Sun rim, stainless spokes and stainless nipples, and hub (with bearings and center spacer) for your specific application.

Hubs and Related Parts
Banke/Kosman quick change style hub $385.00 complete
Banke style front hub - $235.00 and up
Bearings, double sealed $12.00 and up
Knockoff hub bolts $2.50/each or 8 bolt set $18.00
Knock Off Adapters $85.00
Knock Off Lock Rings $24.00
Knock Off Wrench $55.00

Front Spool Hub
40 hole Bultaco Astro replica in billet available with 15, 17 or 20mm bearings $185.00
Front spool type hub w/option for adding disk brake
$225.00 and up depending on rotor drill pattern

Hub polishing
Spool type hub $25 - $45.00
MX type front hubs (most) $45.00 - $65.00
MX type rear $65.00 and up

Excel, Sun and Borrani Rims
Excel rims available in plain or shouldered versions in silver or black
Sun rims available in silver, gold, black or polished
Excel rims are shouldered and polished
Call for pricing

Stainless Spokes and Nipple Sets
Call for pricing
Spoke nipples available in zinc plated steel, stainless or aluminum

Wheel Building (Labor)
Most street, dirt track, motocross and supermoto $85.00
Hub drilling (for heavy-duty spokes) $10.00
Rim drilling (for heavy-duty spokes) $15.00