XT500 Yamaha conversion from stock thrasher to vintage Supermoto
The ‘after’ shots of this bike shows just how far a normally humble yet very usable bike can go. Starting as a roached stock XT in non-running condition, the challenge was to as reasonably as possible get a different looking semi-vintage bike and yet end up with something that was practical. This was the result. Re-angling the steering head for quicker steering, modifying the stock swingarm, adding shortened late 80’s YZ250 forks and Koni shocks resulted in handling that is hard to believe. 17” wheels adapted from a Suzuki GS500 with EBC rotors resulted in a bike that fits the Supermoto style and has brakes that are miles ahead of anything the bike started with. Wheelies are no problem as a result of the freshened up engine with titanium exhaust(!) found in a garbage can and the crisply jetted Mikuni carb.
Body work is stock alloy tank, alloy side panels, aftermarket enduro style headlight, LED taillight, Vapor speedo/tach and XR750 style seat.
All work on this bike done at Banke Performance, except for upcoming paint.