Triumph Street Tracker
This bike, with over 600 hours of fastidious labor put into it is quite possibly the pinnacle of what can be done with a Triumph T140. Everything from the PM spun aluminum wheels to the Banke designed and built hydraulic clutch system was built for lightness, handling, and ergonomic benefit. Showa inverted forks with Brembo brakes grace the front end and Ohlins rear shocks coupled with an aluminum swingarm, also carrying Brembo brakes shore up the rear end. Engine-wise, a slightly hotter cam combination, coupled with 4 plug head, balanced internals, and polished gearbox components, make for a smooth running, free revving, yet torquey powerplant. The custom Banke exhaust also tends to turn heads as well.
The fuel tank is a Triumph 5 gallon ‘Euro style’ tank and the seat is XR750, with a modified pad to allow for 300 mile days. Footpegs were moved rearward about 2 inches and brake and shift linkages were fabricated to suit. Headlights were sourced from an ATV, tail-lights were originally semi-truck marker lights and the switchgear from the Italian aftermarket.
This bike has also won its share of show trophies and the hearts of all who have seen it, especially those lucky few to have ridden it.